What I wore at my Brother’s Engagement Ceremony!🎉

Hey people,

Wassup? Last few days left for january to complete, I hope you guys are working hard towards your goal. And I am really sorry guys, wasn’t able to write a new blog. But m really trying my best to be regular with my content.

If you follow me on instagram or snapchat, you must know that I have started a youtube channel with a fellow blogger by the name DIVA AND BABE. Infact, 3 videos are out. You can directly open youtube and watch the video. Will also put the link in the end of the blog post.

Coming back to the blog, I wore this outfit at my brother’s engagement ceremony. And received so many compliments, messages regarding this outfit. So, I thought of doing a particular blog with this look.

I bought it from Vyas, which is in Rajouri Garden, Delhi. They really have an amazing collection of unstitched suits, gowns et. If you are planning to buy some this kind of outfit. Vyas is a must visit guys. Completed this look with a golden hand harness and green earrings. Thats all. Bwcause I wanted to make my dress shine. Not to forget guys, Makeup is done by me only, hahah. Trying to make some blogs on makeup too. What say?

One more question guys, Do you want me to do a blogpost of all the dresses, m going to wear on my brother wedding functions? Comment down your views and also I f you want me to do a blogpost on something else too. Suggestions are always welcome. Ping me up anytime on any of my social media handle.

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Until Next Time

Stay Tuned


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