🎉Happy Holi Everyone🎉

Hola family!

How are you all doing?

Missed me?

So, first of all a big sorry to you all for being MIA from blog. But I promise, will make up for the same.

As I mentioned earlier, soon swagitupsite will have their own website. Yes, working on it from last few days and hopefully all work will get done by this month. Wish me luck guys!

And second good news- I wanted to share with you is about Marsplay. The app is live on both Play Store and App Store . You can shop my daily OOTD looks on the app itself. Go, check it out and let me know if you want a separate blogpost for Marsplay.

Coming back to the post. So, yes- this post is not at all planned. But I thought everyone loves playing Holi but when it comes to get rid of colour, it sucks. It really does. And helping my all lovies is my duty. Right?

Here are some tips for you all-

1. Apply 2-3 layers of oil (preferably coconut oil) all over your body. If you do, I bet you won’t feel bad after playing holi. The colour will get off from your body very easily.

2. Not to forget lips, either apply any lip balm or you can use Vaseline jelly (my best partner). Make sure to keep your lip balm with you always.

3. Holi is about playing outside, that means sun over head. So, sunscreen is must! No one wants to get tanned right? Make sure to wear it!

4. I love my hair the most. Have never done any colouring and rebonding to my hair. Because I do feel that it will harm my hairs. I literally can’t tolerate any kind of chemicals being applied on my hair. Guys make sure to apply as much hair oil as you can from root to tips. Either Mustard oil or Coconut oil. Preferably tie your hair too.

5. If you are a person like me, who loves to wear jewellery. Please make sure to wear light weighted as well as cheap jewellery. Black dot earrings will go with every look. And if you are not accessory lover, then you are already good to go. One can rock without accessories too!

6. Not to forget nails. Apply the darkest nail paint colour you have. Your nails won’t look like Dracula after playing holi then! 😝

7. After you done playing with holi and removing all that colours from your face. Make sure to spray Gulab Jal guys, it will cool down your skin. And apply body butter all over your body too.

8. Wash you hair with lukewarm water after playing holi and apply some curd on your hair. As curd is really gentle on your hair moisturising and the colour will come out very quickly.

And yes, what I wore today- while playing with my friends. Somehow I managed to find white top in my wardrobe, which hardly comes out to get styled. And paired it up with my old denim jeans. To make it a little stylish- I made two folds from the bottom of the jeans and added a dupatta from my mumma’s wardrobe! Can’t go out without earrings, selected these tassel earrings which I bought from Sarojini for 20 bucks only. And tada, I am ready to go! Super easy and last minute look. Don’t you think so?

Let me know who is that one person of your life with whom playing holi is your kinda ritual. For me playing with my bestfriends and getting clicked like this every year.♥️

Happy holi to everyone! May your life be as colourful as Holi colours. Loads of best wishes to each one of you. 😘

Stay tuned

Next blogpost will go live soon.



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